Lazy Bitch

So.  I’ve been gone for a while.  Just trying to get through.  After my grandmother died, depression and anxiety kind of tidal waved me and left me half-drowned and struggling for the better part of two years.  And during those couple of years some other stuff – that might seem trivial to most  – just […]

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Now What?

I’m moving through the phases of grief, and seem to be lodged between anxious and angry.  Fun!  I think the big-girl panties are creeping up a little higher, just not quite on the butt just yet.  My husband and I returned to the gym and our Team Training class last night, and I discovered that […]

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Guilty, Your Honor

So.  We laid my grandmother to rest.  I’m back home in Wisconsin after several days in Wisconsin.  And the guilt is beginning to set in. It’s hard being so far away while my aunt and my brother have to deal with all the hard stuff – my Pop is not in the best health at […]

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And she’s gone.  How we’ll all manage without our matriarch is a mystery.  But we’ll put one foot in front of the other until then, pushing forward. Another angel gets her wings; more Earthbound hearts break. I am a whirlwind of emotion right now.  My brother, my aunts, they are so far away from arms […]

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About two and half years ago my brother woke me at 3 a.m. to tell me that our father had died in his sleep.  He called me today to tell me my cherished Maw Maw had a stroke, and we just learned that this will be her end.  The neurologist says it’s very bad.  And […]

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